Breeder Cat Information

We do offer breeding rights for an extra fee to responsible breeding programs only. This must be made very clear in the contract. In order to sell kittens legally you have to have written permission from who you purchased your cats from before you can sell there kittens. It is also very dangerous for a female cat to get pregnant before she is at least one year of age, due to the fact that their bodies are not mature enough. A intact male cat also will need a private room of his own away from other males. Once two males are old enough to breed they can no longer share a room  together because they could hurt each other and must be separated, and secured away from the females. An intact male should only be around a female for no more than a week and it should be a planned arrangement in a sanitary environment. More than a week together can be too much trauma for the female that can cause a deadly infection for her.

Breeding cats is a lot of work and a lot of sleepless nights and in most cases there is no profit. There are a lot of  hidden expenses and vet bills that most people don’t realize. It is also a lot of responsibility to make sure you can find safe loving homes for all of them. If you would like to start a breeding program we recommend you go to and sign up for a Mentor to get advise to start doing this properly to be fair to the animals and to be fair to your self and your family. It’s not as easy as most people think. We will support you any way we can as long as you are willing to get a mentor from and do it properly.