Breeder Cat Information

Our female breeders have grown up together and already get along so we do offer a breeder package of one male and two females. The intact male would have to have a room of his own, as he cant be with other males and only with a female that he is planned to be bred with for no longer than a week at a time. We do not recommend having more than one male unless you are a larger more experienced breeding program.We will not sell more than 3 cats or kittens to one customer nor will we sell more than one male. 

If it turns out that breeding is not right for you, you can have your Trio fixed and keep them as a beautiful set of pets that will never be lonely. Breeding can be a beautiful rewarding experience and make you a little side money for the care of your pets but also is a lot of work and can be a very expensive hobby. For that reason we have the 1 male-2 female-3 cat per house hold limit. We want it to be a fun experience not a overwhelming one that you will wind up with regret.

For a small extra fee you can have breeding rights should you think you may want to start a kitty family of your own with Tica Certified papers.

If you would like us to have your pet fixed before they are shipped to you we can take care of that as well for an extra charge after your cat has been paid in full. After 9 months of age if you don’t fix your pet, there is the possibility of unwanted behavior due to hormone changes and heat cycles, but this behavior is rare.

Included with your purchase is free delivery any where in New England MA,RI,NH,VT,ME.