About Us

We are a Mother, Daughter, & Granddaughter hobby breeder and make no profit from breeding our kitty family. Our kitties bring so much love and affection to our home and our family members and we our sure they will to yours as well. We love to see our grand kitties to go to wonderful loving homes that will spoil them and love them the way we do. Unfortunately we do not allow  any in person home visits, but we will send a new photo of your kitty each week until they can come home so you can see how they are growing. This is for the heath and safety of everyone. We offer free home curbside delivery anywhere in New England  including MA. NH. VT. RI. ME.  we come wearing a mask and respect social distancing and sanitation safety precautions, or for an extra fee to any major airport of your choice from Boston Logan subject to availability of Pet Safe Shipping.

These Kittens and Cats are indoor pets only and are known for their Emotional Support Qualities and Playful Loving Personalities and Crave to be around both people and other pets.