About Us

We are a Small In-Home Hobby Cat Breeder with a Collection of some of the Highest Quality TICA Certified Kittens and Cats in the world. All of Our cats are spread out with all our family members so they get the maximum amount of love and attention.All of our breeders have been carefully selected and paired together for their good health and variety of colors and beauty and loving personalities. We hand selected some of the most valuable and cutest picks from one of the top breeders in the country.

These Kittens and Cats are indoor pets only and are known for their Emotional Support Qualities and Playful Loving Personalities and Crave to be around both people and other pets.

We also offer both Kittens and Adult breeder cats for responsible breeding programs and hobby breeders. Kittens can not be bred until they reach a mature age between 1 and 2 years of age, to safely start having litters due to their body is not mature enough and doing so can be very dangerous.

We do have some adult breeders ready to start a cat family for someone that would like to experience responsibly having a litter of their own right away.

We do offer a substantial discount if someone buys more than one kitten or cat from us these cats do not like to be alone and we would love for two of ours to grow up together.